What is a confirmation of pregnancy? Who needs a confirmation of pregnancy? Where can you get one?

What is it? A confirmation of pregnancy is a document from a healthcare provider stating that a woman had a positive pregnancy test at their office.

Who needs it? Some women use this document to help apply for Pregnancy Medicaid, others use it to tell their employers they are pregnant, and some women use this document if they are considering abortion.

A confirmation of pregnancy does not diagnose a pregnancy. The only way to diagnose a pregnancy is to have an ultrasound. A confirmation of pregnancy simply proves that a medical provider ran a pregnancy test on the patient, and it was positive. A positive, medical grade pregnancy test is more reliable than having a positive home test.

Where can you get it? Cumming Women’s Center offers appointments for free pregnancy testing and confirmation of pregnancy. The local Health Department and OB/GYN offices can also provide confirmation of pregnancy.

Anyone who has a positive home pregnancy test should follow up with a healthcare provider for the next steps of care. Call or click today to make an appointment with us at Cumming Women’s Center for a free confirmation of pregnancy and follow up care!

Keely Darnell, BSN, MSN, RN, WHNP-BC
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

This post is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. If you have any concerns, please speak with a healthcare provider