The pregnancy tests offered by our center are lab-quality, high-sensitivity urine tests with instant results. These tests are accurate as early as 7 to 10 days after conception, either before or by a missed period.

At our center, pregnancy tests are generally up to 99% accurate and:

  • are done in a clinical and private setting
  • results will be known during your appointment

A positive urine pregnancy test suggests a pregnancy, but should always be confirmed, with an ultrasound. We also provide free ultrasounds.

No, you may come in alone. Even though you are a minor, you have the right to confidential help, except in those cases where mandatory reporting applies, such as suicide risk. We can’t provide your records to any person without written authorization from you.

Many women can avoid having to decide what to do with their unintended pregnancy, because approximately 1 in 5 of all pregnancies end naturally. Pregnancies that end naturally are not viable, and result in what are called miscarriages. Who wants to go through the pain, cost and risk of an abortion if it’s not necessary?

A good way to determine if a pregnancy is viable is through an ultrasound. We recommend you get your ultrasound at a medical facility that will (a) not charge you a fee for the ultrasound, and (b) not put you under any obligation when receiving the ultrasound.

The hormones in your body that result in a positive pregnancy test can’t be detected until 9 to 11 days after fertilization. Please wait until after that period of time then call and we’ll be happy to set an appointment for a pregnancy test.

We want to make sure we have a special time set aside to talk with you, so it’s usually best to have an appointment. However, if you are unable to make an appointment, we will take walk-ins on a first come, first served basis.

Absolutely, it’s important to have the support of friends or family during an uncertain time.

First, to protect your confidentiality, you’ll need to bring your valid photo ID. A driver’s license or student ID will work. You will fill out an intake form, but no insurance is required and all services are free.

Any and all information shared with us will be kept in the strictest confidence except as required by law or as required for the protection of yourself or others. You don’t have to worry if your family or friends will find out. We’ll do everything we can to protect your privacy.

It is rare but possible to get pregnant on the pill. You will need to take a lab quality urine test, and if it is positive, you will want to confirm pregnancy with ultrasound technology.

There are options available for people who need care even if they don’t have insurance. We will provide you with a free pregnancy test and if necessary a free ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. Then you can pursue the application process for government assistance.

The process of recovering from an abortion is different for everyone. We offer support groups for women who have terminated one or more pregnancies, whether it was a recent abortion or many years ago. You can receive help in a confidential group setting with trained post-abortive facilitators.

You may be wondering, “Why do I need help after my abortion?” Many women have come to Cumming Women’s Center for support. They realize they can’t deal with all of the unexpected consequences on their own. We are here no matter what choices you’ve made.

If you’ve been sexually intimate orally, anally or vaginally, you may have put yourself at risk for an STI. It’s really that simple. Since there are many types of STI’s, it is important that you be tested regularly.

Condoms can only reduce the chance of infection with STIs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Condoms reduce transmission of Herpes only when the infected area is protected. Condoms may reduce the risk of HPV infection. The only guaranteed protection from STIs is refraining from any sexual contact.

Cumming Women’s Center does not offer the morning-after pill, or Plan B.

The Pregnancy Decision Line is available 24/7 by calling 877-791-5475. You can visit their website to search for a center in your area that can assist you.

Cumming Women’s Center does not perform nor refer for abortion. We do, however, provide pregnancy options counseling. Call us for help.